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Homoeopathy and QEST4 Pratitioner

I trained in Accountancy and became interested in homoeopathy almost 26 years ago as personal and family medical situations responded better to homoeopathy after trying for several years with conventional medicine.

I obtained my Licentiate in 2005 from South Downs College of Homoeopathy after a 4 year training programme.

I wholly believe in the Hahnemanian principle of "first do no harm". The aim is always to restore the patient to health in a gentle, natural way but also with speed.

 I have always believed in the holistic treatment of individuals and I am passionate about this system of treatment as a kinder,  quicker and non-invasive way to good health. Clients who come to me for a particular reason go away very impressed by what the scanning has discovered that they immediately tell others to give it a try.  When something has helped you after you have suffered for years it is good to shout it out from the roof top.

Currently I let QEST 4 lead me into the exciting world of Bio-Resonance as I find it to be the ultimate testing device today. It has proven to me many times over, its power in restoring good health.  

I am fully insured by Zurich Insurance Plc for both Homeopathy and Bio Resonance treatments.

A free 15 minute consultation is available if you want to know if this is right for you.

Prices for a consultation available by telephone or email

Discounts for OAP and children with any learning difficulties. My own son has greatly benefitted from this and is now coping very independently with all situations.

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