Quantum enhanced solutions theory software contains digitally-encoded information relating to a wide range of mental, physiological and emotional factors. The signals are output by the  hardware as electromagnetic signals during testing. Using a simple and safe low voltage circuit formed by holding two brass cylinders, the response of the body to those signals is recorded. The response being measured is small changes in the electrical resistance of the skin. This information is relayed back to the software. A report is generated on the computer of any responses that are outside specific limits. 

QEST4  is the most advanced, flexible and user-friendly bio-energetic screening system available today.

It tests the response of the client against a wide variety of test signatures that cover everything from the meridian points relating to internal organs, food preferences, Hormonal  issues, learning difficulties, environmental contaminants, nutritional factors, toxins, emotional patterns and many more. For many people who find the distance too much,  it does not matter, as samples of hair, saliva  or nails give pretty much the same results.

The great innovation with this sort of treatment is the ability to tell whether the person needs a material dose or if an energetic signature will benefit. This can then be tested before  buying vitamins/supplements as what suits a person may not suit another. 

Once testing is completed the remedies are then imprinted into a medium to take as required. The follow up visit can ascertain if any of the areas need further treatment. 

Personal consutations are also available via skype or telephone. With state of the art technology distance testing is also very effective.


Make QEST4 the best decision today for  perfect health. I know because I did along with so many others.