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Shirley has provided me and all my family with some much needed homeopathic care for many years now. By her use of QEST 4 my sleep issues and many other  food intolerances have improved considerably or altogether disappeared. Thank you. R  Sarisbury Green, 


Having heard about QEST4 I was curious to see what it would pick up about my state of health so I decided to try it out. I was pleasantly surprised at how accurately it picked up on my emotional state, something that had been bothering me for sometime. After taking the remedies,  it triggered in me some decisions that I had been putting off. Thanks for giving me the remedies and determination that were needed to  sort out my life. The nutritional support has made a huge difference to my energy levels too.

PC, Portsmouth

After many years of lacking in self confidence and  challenging situations  mainly to do with my history of learning difficulties QEST4 has enabled to sort out the neuroplasticity in my brain and given me many abilities I did not think I possessed. I am very grateful to know that I can now achieve all of my milestones that used to seem impossible.

 R P Warsash Southampton

Thanks to Homoeopathy and QEST4 I am now able to eat many fruits that at one time would have given me a lot of trouble with very painful mouth ulcers. As a result of on going treatment many areas of my health have improved and at 71 years of age I am still able to ride more than 20 miles a day and even race 10k races which I did 40 years ago. I am totally surprised at the scope this machine offers within the homoepathic consultation and would highly recommend this without any hesitation at all. Overall happy with the treatment. Thank you

J  H Southampton

My heartfelt thank you  to Shirley Patterson for her genuine unconditional help for my daughter and I. She gave us one on one attention and discussed how we felt from head to toe. The QEST diagnosis was non-invasive, appropriate and to the mark. It diagnosed remote allergies that we would not think about giving us the corresponding remedies and advice to guide us change diet and behaviors for our well being. Thank you for helping us. With regards - Vicky  and my daughter S A, 

Ilinois USA

When I was diagnosed with cancer I made a decision to  visit Shirley and discuss my options with homoeopathy along with conventional medicine. Shirley treated me for 8 months whilst I was being treated in hospital. There is no doubt in my mind that Shirley's treatment helped me deal with the harsh medicines I was given and reduced the side effects/symptoms that I would otherwise have had to endure. Thanks Shirley

Denis C Southampton

I have known Shirley for many years and she is a true friend. I have had a difficult time of late and Shirley has helped and continues to help me with her homeopathic knowledge and expertise. I trust her completely.

K B  Locksheath, Southampton



I would just like to update you on the progress of my son, since he has been visiting you.

As you have gathered my son is diagnosed with Autism, OCD and Mental Health Issues. We were aware that he maybe had a dairy intolerance, but your testing confirmed this as well.

Since he has been treated by you, there has been a definite difference in his behaviours. He is much calmer and a tangible sense of humour has appeared out of no-where! He seems much more able to see other people’s perspective and his black moods and depression have disappeared completely. His is maintaining eye contact and the daily arguments about him going to school have stopped. He still struggles to get out of bed (but then what teenager doesn’t) but there is a great difference with him now choosing his own clothes and washing independently.

It’s very hard to quantify all the improvements, but his stomach and digestion are great now, no pain or struggling. I would advise anyone with a health condition to visit you as the difference in my son is remarkable. All the best

Mrs J Harvey, Southampton

 Huge thank you to Shirley who may have, quite literally, saved my life.  Last year I was being treated for a Streptococcal bacterial infection. So serious was this infection that my surgery phoned me to come in and see the doctor immediately, who explained that this bug is responsible for meningitis, pneumonia, necrotising faciitis (flesh eating) and more. Treatment involved months of doctors, hospitals, anti-biotics and more - with no success. Last resort would be hospital admission and that was my next step. However, I had heard that Shirley was achieving great results with her practice so decided to give her a try before handing myself over to the doctors. Just six weeks later the infection was completely gone.  I cannot recommend, or thank, Shirley enough. The results speak for themselves! 


I had what I would call a "chronic" condition and was given a priority Hospital appointment. However, prior to the appointment Shirley prescribed a Homeopathic remedy. I can only say that the Medical Department viewed me as a time waster as the symptoms were so diminished..... B Edwards.  London


 Thank you so much Shirley Patterson Homeopathy for your whole-hearted effort to help me through years of suffering from horrible stomach issues. Today, there are days I feel better than I ever have and I am sure there is more improvement and probably a new life to come thanks to your amazing treatments. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Wiebke B - Wiesbaden, Germany